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Arley And Arlene Running
December 02, 2020

My wife had a first appointment at Dr Barrows clinic and very happy with the experience. Very friendly front desk folks and we got in at the appointment time. The nurse who took history was knowledge and to the point. Dr showed up and did a very thorough evaluation as we only wanted a reline of dentures.. His explanation was also very thorough in telling us that bone shrinkage of lower jaw precluded a reline of otherwise excellent lower dentures. Said a reline would be of little value unless we insisted. How refreshing to get an honest evaluation. Dr Barrows also ruled out implants to hold dentures in place , again, he explained why. Because of the positive experience we would definitely recommend Dr Barrows and his whole staff.

Kathy Odaffer
January 15, 2021

What more could you want ? O.M.G.! Welcoming. Accommodating. Helpful. Professional. Clean and safe. Informative. Your concerns are taken seriously and addressed appropriately. We ❤️ Craig Barrows and team. Thank you Twyla. Thanks to the front office too. After recently returning to Yuma we obtained the dental insurance that we needed to so we could be certain that he could be our dentist.

Jacquie Rodgers
September 16, 2020

Today was my first visit at Dr Barrows office. It has been several years since I had a *real* dentist that I knew I would stick with. I have been looking for someone who really cared about my dental needs/concerns every since my old family dentist retired. I was beginning to wonder if “family dentistry” had been replaced by rotating dental hygienists/dentists whom you never see twice (in the same office!). Well, today I found that dentist! I am finally ready to entrust my smile to the whole team at Dr Barrows office. I am eagerly looking forward to getting that smile makeover that I have needed - replacing some hideous ($12,000 disaster!) “assembly line front teeth” I’ve had for about five long years now. This whole office is so welcoming and friendly - but their thoroughness and willingness to really *hear* me as a patient, give me a truly thorough exam and cleaning, then set up a real plan to reach that goal was just so refreshing! I have great confidence that the care I am going to receive will be as thorough and all encompassing as my initial consultation and cleaning. Breaking a tooth in the bridge right in the front of my smile turned out to be a huge blessing - NOW I will get my own real smile back instead of this clunky contraption a previous local dentist stuck me with! I highly recommend the entire team at Dr Barrows office.....he was highly recommended to me by a friend who is enjoying a beautiful new smile and it was apparent to me early in the appointment that I have finally found a REAL dentist who will give me my smile back! Thanks to Andrea and Dr Barrows for their care and thoroughness and the friendly front office staff for an awesome first visit, cleaning and consultation! This is the first time in my life that I have come home from a dental appointment excited about what they are going to do! A+++++ all around!!!

Kurt Harrison
July 31, 2020

The staff is very helpful and friendly. I was greeted when I entered. My appointment was started on time. I was given a tour of the office. My x-rays were done quick and painless. We talked about my concerns then a quick exam was done. Dr. Barrows was brought in. We discussed my dental needs after he went over my x-rays. I have always had concerns from some of my past dentists. Not here. I was listened to, we came to an agreement that I was happy with. If you are looking for a dentist start here. They offer a free consultation appointment. Please take them up on it. I think you will walk away with an better outlook for your dental health. Kurt

Bambi Graef
August 08, 2020

Dr Barrows and his staff are very nice and efficient. If your appt is at 8:00, you’re in there at 8:00 not 8:10. I love my hygienist Twyla. We have a good relationship and she’s always answers my concerns. We’ve been patient/hygienist for over 20 years.

Craig Barrows DDS

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