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Mari Land
September 06, 2020

Bad experience w/ Dr. Cullen My 3.5 year old daughters first dental appointment and nothing went as smooth as expected. The only people that gave a nice impression were the assistant & front desk ladies. I tried to be as understanding and patient as possible. The doctor pretty much blamed me for everything wrong with my daughter, he used no tact when communicating, did not embody professional demeanor around the patient or parent. Dr. Cullen made no effort to listen and when he listened it was only to response. I truly wanted to like this Doctor because he seems to have such a nice welcoming website, and he is the only doctor practicing in the office, I thought he could be more dedicative towards my little one, but I was so wrong. I wished I would have read the Google reviews sooner. It would have saved me time and frustration and headaches. Dr. Cullen is specialized at providing a service with solutions, while nobody minds being giving discrete advice, he pretty much went overboard about how much work it was going to take to do fillings in her teeth. He seemed annoyed, complained too much, and seemed to hate his job. He did not feel any sensitivity towards a 'single mom' trying to keep her life together while going through divorce and working jobs. So many things went wrong, I literally asked for my record. I switched to 'Yuma Dentistry 4 Kids' I went for a 2nd opinion and they treated my daughter and myself with respect and compassion. They understood my concerns and offered a solution, I felt at peace. I would not recommend him unfortunately, he seems pretty consistent with his unprofessional attitude, and after reading other reviews, I do not trust him.

Ernie Ortega
July 24, 2020

Dr Cullen demonstrated a lack of sensitivity and respect to my wife during a recent visit saying ," Well,we all know who the boss is..." when discussing dental hygiene habits and the reluctance of a 5 year old to brush her teeth. Poor customer service and I question if this cacasian male would have spoken with a higher level of respect if he were speaking to another cacasian male rather than a younger hispanic woman. Superiority complex? Maybe After speaking with the office manager I was left with the impression that: 1) In Dr. Cullen's office, Dr Cullen is in charge and can continue speaking to clients in this manner 2) The importance and value of common courtesy/respect is superceded by the importance of dental hygiene. 3) No disrespect was intended, therefore we shouldn't be concerned and there would be no need for corrective actions to be taken I can only ASSUME that this may be the experience other families have in the future based on the way his behavior was dismissed as being no big deal and qualified by trying to explain the importance of dental hygiene. Long post for a simple comment made by The Doc,however, if my wife had been treated as an equal and spoken to with respect there would be no need for writing this review. Moral of the story-Nobody likes to be talked down to and be made to feel like an inadequate parent.

Keila Martinez
August 18, 2020

Dentist needs to practice cultural sensitivity. Comes off as overbearing and his advice is unsolicited.

Monica Tirado
October 14, 2019

They have taken care of my girls' dental needs since they were born. Excellent and professional. Unlike myself growing up, they have no fear of the dentist thanks to Dr. Cullen and staff. They love coning in. And of course visiting Gus is always a plus. I highly recommend Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma.

Michael Dean
August 30, 2019

From the moment I walked in all the workers were amazing. The original intake aid was amazing, and made my 5 year old feel really comfortable. Later my son sat in the chair where the dentist and assistant took time to play with my son for 5 minutes with a game they had. I always feel like when going to the doctor they get you in and out, and dont build rapport. This wasn't the case. Also we originally started coming here because another dentistry said my daughter needed surgery to take out a tooth (a $300 procedure). The appointment wasn't until Oct so we went here. They got her in, in 2 days, and said no surgery was needed. The Doctor said the tooth was about to fall out, and paying for the procedure would be a waste of money. 3 week later my daughters tooth fell.

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